N&G Yearbook

N&G Yearbook

The N&G yearbook summarizes the most important articles in the field of nutrition and growth

The Nutrition & Growth Yearbook addresses a growing interest in new research related to nutrition and growth which has resulted in numerous manuscripts in medical journals relating to this topic and it summarizes, in a critical way, the most important articles in the field of nutrition and growth.

N&G 2020 Yearbook

The Yearbook is published by Karger.

Yearbook 2020 contents:

  • The Physiology and Mechanism of Growth: Primož Kotnik, Jarod Wong, Moshe Phillip
  • Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Nutrition: Shlomit Shalitin and Luis Moreno
  • Nutrition, Epigenetic and Growth: Berthold Koletzko
  • Term and Preterm Infants:Dominique Turck and JB van Goudoever
  • Cognition: Carlo Agostoni and Silvia Bettocchi
  • Nutrition and Growth in Chronic Diseases: Raanan Shamir and Anat Guz
  • Early Nutrition and Its Effect on Growth, Body Composition and Later Obesity: Anni Larnkjaer, Mads Vendelbo Lind, Benedikte Grenov, Christian Mølgaard and Kim F Michaelsen
  • Malnutrition and Catch-Up Growth during Childhood and Puberty: Michal Yacobovitch-Gavan, Naama Fisch-Shvalb and Zulfiqar Bhutta
  • Pregnancy: Impact of Maternal Nutrition on Intrauterine Fetal Growth: Yariv Yogev and Liran Hiersch
  • Stunting of Growth in Developing Countries: Andrew Prentice, Helen Nabwera and Martha Mwangome


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